Lumsdale Valley - 13.02.2019

Remains of Lumsdale Mill

Situated in Matlock, Lumsdale Valley is considered a hidden gem. Previously, this areas of abandoned water mills was once the centre point of production. As you venture along the path, you will discovered several remains of mills, including a paint mill.

This week, I visited this valley to explore and understand the history of Matlock as well as seeing the wondrous waterfalls that surround the mills.

When it comes down to parking, I parked in a lay-by right by the falls, which meant I did not have to walk far to reach the mills and waterfalls. However, there is alternative parking, further up the steep road, which is opposite the school; this is also free. Once you arrive, you will find that there are a lot of steep steps to see the different waterfalls and mills, however there are handrails.

I partially wanted to visit this valley to play around with long exposure photography, to capture the movement of the water as it fell down the rocks. I began experimenting by using a tripod, which worked at the beginning of the walk due to the viewers edge. However, once I ventured higher and closer to the falls, I found it harder and harder to adjust to the ever-changing landscape. Another reason that I found it difficult with a tripod was because how much the rock faces we were standing on kept changing, in height and angle. Therefore, most of my images ending up being handheld, which led to some of the images either slightly out of focus or overexposed.

Lumsdale Falls (with tripod)

Lumsdale Falls (without tripod)

You could honestly spend hours exploring this preserved landscape. The day I walked around Lumsdale Valley, the weather was pleasant, the sun hit the landscape beautifully. However, I would not recommend visiting this landscape on a rainy day due to safety reasons. I would also recommend wearing walking boots around this area due to the unevenness of the rock faces you walk on as well as the steep uneven steps.

I would highly recommend Lumsdale Valley/Falls to keen photographers, families, day trippers and dog walkers. Anyone that is interesting in the history of a place and enjoys enchanting views.

The images below are some of the photographs I took on my day trip to Lumsdale Valley/Falls.

Anymore information about Lumsdale Valley/Falls, visit this website:

- Emma

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